Rado Introducing the True Thinline Gem

Introducing the True Thinline Gem – a designer collaboration with Inma Bermudez for Rado. High-tech ceramic, sapphire crystal, limited to 1,001 pieces.


The True Thinline is the thinnest ceramic watch that Rado has ever produced, with the cases of the quartz models measuring a mere 4.9 millimeters. Hailed as a marvel of engineering when it was first unveiled in 2011, the True Thinline’s elegant simplicity is powered by an unbelievably thin movement of just 1 millimeter. Though they may look delicate, True Thinline timepieces still boast the same durability and scratch resistance as Rado’s other high-tech ceramic models.

Years of research culminated in the True Thinline’s groundbreaking monobloc ceramic case – a never-before-seen type of case construction featuring solid ceramic with no need for a stainless steel core. This not only gave the True Thinline its extreme lightness and super slim silhouette, but it also paved the way for new design possibilities in the Rado collection.

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