Men’s Wedding Bands – Pick one that Suits His Style – Part -3

Metal options for men’s wedding bands

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are popular choices for men’s wedding bands. But there are a host of other metals and materials that are also suitable. How do you choose? Again, it’s a combination of personal style, cost, and a few other considerations.

Precious Metals

  • Yellow gold has been used in jewelry for more than 6,000 years. If your fiancé loves museums, historical novels/movies, and classic cars, a yellow gold band might suit him well.
  • Rose gold is a warmer option that is currently trending. Don’t discount it because it sounds feminine; darker shades can be quite striking.
  • White metals like white gold and platinum have been in fashion for the past few decades. Go for one to get a cool, modern look.

Black diamonds set in rose gold make a dramatic statement. It’s a bold look for a men’s wedding band. Courtesy:

Men’s wedding bands can also feature more than one metal. For example, combining yellow gold with white gold or platinum creates contrast and can make a strong statement.

Here are two helpful facts about precious metals:

  • Cost: Platinum rings are usually more expensive than gold rings. Because platinum has a higher specific gravity (mass ÷ volume) than gold, the same ring will weigh more in platinum than it will in gold. Also, platinum alloys are usually 90–95% pure, while gold alloys are often 58.5% pure (14K) or 75% pure (18K). Alloy metals – such as copper, nickel, and zinc – are less expensive than precious metals. More precious metal generally means a higher cost
  • Allergies: Many people are sensitive to nickel or copper, which are metals commonly used in gold alloys. If he is allergic to these or other alloy metals, avoid yellow, white or rose gold. Platinum is hypoallergenic, so it is a safer choice if he has metal allergies.

Several other metals and materials are also popular choices for men’s wedding bands:

  • Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant and never needs polishing.
  • Cobalt alloys are very hard and scratch resistant. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic.
  • Stainless steel is scratch resistant, tarnish resistant and hard. It’s also affordable.
  • Palladium has the same “white” look like platinum, is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish. It is also harder and more scratch resistant than platinum – and more affordable.
  • Titanium is lightweight, scratch and corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and extremely durable. It’s also affordable.
  • Ceramic wedding rings are typically affordable and come in many colors. Ceramic is a tough and lightweight material, but – since it is not a metal – it can chip and break.

If you opt for one of these alternatives to precious metals, be sure to consult your jeweler before deciding. Some materials are more difficult to resize than others. Some can’t be easily cut from the finger in an emergency. And some may not be suitable for your lifestyle. For example, tungsten conducts electricity, making it unsuitable for certain professions.

Black diamonds set in rose gold make a dramatic statement. It’s a bold look for a men’s wedding band. Courtesy:

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