Men’s Wedding Bands – Pick one that Suits His Style – Part -2

Defining a style for men’s wedding bands

Like choosing an engagement ring, selecting a forever wedding band can feel overwhelming given all the choices available. You can narrow down the options by considering personal style and focusing on those rings that best reflect it. Before you start shopping together, ask yourselves:

  • What type of activities does he like? Hiking? Reading? Mountain biking? Nightclubbing? Here’s an easy recommendation to follow: The more active he is, the simpler the wedding band should be. A wedding band that is ornate and has a number of gems can be damaged playing soccer or scrambling up a mountain trail. A simple stainless steel wedding band or one made from a lightweight metal like titanium might be a better choice. If his hobbies are more subdued, a more elaborate band could be a great option.
  • What kind of jewelry does he wear? If your fiancé has a thing for bling, he’ll probably love a wedding band studded with gems and embellished with intricate metalwork. If your fiancé doesn’t wear jewelry, he’ll probably like a simpler wedding band.
Is your fiancé an extrovert? Does he like to be the center of attention? Then he would probably love a wedding band like this 14K white gold ring decked with 2.64 carats of yellow princess cut and colorless round brilliant cut diamonds. Courtesy:

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