Indian Bridal Jewellery Essentials

Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. Especially in India, this ritual is celebrated with great enthusiasm by exchanging magnificent pieces of jewellery. The Indian bride is decorated with striking jewellery accessory from head to toe and make her most adorable for others. Jewellery also completes the look of women that complements her attire and personality. Bridal wedding jewellery is not only necklace- rings, earrings, bangles, nose ring, ring bracelets are also considered in the same league. Today, people prefer to buy diamond jewellery as it accentuates the beauty of women. Jewellery which is worn at the time of wedding is the jewellery for the lifetime. Beauty of women is enhanced by wearing most alluring jewellery item. Weddings are solemn yet joyous occasions marked by ostentatious rituals and symbolisms.

Traditional Indian bridal jewellery of Rajasthan too reflects that heritage.  While “beenti” (rings) and “kada “(bangles) are common for all, the brides wear a typical bracelet called the “haathphool”. The designs have a couple of chains attached to the beenti and the  bangles. They spread over the hand of the bride as a beauteous ornament. Even “paijeb” (anklet) and “pungpan” (similar to haathphool meant for the feet) are worn on the auspicious occasion of marriage. Another intricate bridal jewellery is the “kandora” which is a waist band with bells . “Todhe” (anklets with bells) and “anguda” (finger rings for toe) also signifies one to be married. These ornaments have intrigued women belonging to every community to mix and match the styles into making their preferred bridal jewellery. One  can definitely add charm to the beauty by wearing flawlessly designed jewellery.

Jewellery is the accessory to adorn the persona and to express your personality. Unique craftsmanship in jewellery adds more sheen to your jewellery box. Wedding is a special day in every girl’s life, so she wants to wear charming jewellery to make the day more amazing. Every woman has a picture in her mind to look like a princess on her wedding day. This can be possible with exclusively designed jewellery which makes women look attractive. Parents can also gift bridal wedding jewellery to their daughter to show their unconditional love. Men can fall in love with women by seeing their would-be in the most amazing jewellery.

Every woman loves to wear unique pieces of jewellery which are designed with fascinating designs and patterns. From ancient days, jewellery has been the status symbol which people exchange at the time of marriage. You can maintain a good relationship with your spouse by gifting her jewellery from time to time. Once the dress is decided women can perfectly match jewellery with their attire to look adorable. Beautifully designed jewellery holds a special place in the hearts of women.

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