HyperChrome Ultra Light Limited Edition wins 2018 GOOD DESIGN™ Award

HyperChrome Ultra Light Limited Edition wins 2018 GOOD DESIGN™ Award, a prestigious design prize recognising excellence and innovation!
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For those who like to travel light, the HyperChrome Ultra Light is the perfect companion. With a monobloc case made entirely in ultra-light high-tech ceramic and with the familiar dynamic HyperChrome shape, it’s so light and comfortable, you could almost forget you’re wearing it.

Seriously scratch‑resistant, dangerously desirable
Inspired by vintage Rado timepieces, the sporty-chic HyperChrome family was unveiled in 2012 as Rado’s signature all day, every occasion timepiece. With over 70 different models, the HyperChrome family is as versatile as watch lovers’ tastes are diverse. Choose from quartz or automatic movements as well as a remarkable range of colours, sizes, styles and innovative materials.

HyperChrome timepieces in Rado’s signature high-tech ceramic are the jewel in the crown of the collection. The HyperChrome’s monobloc case is not only beautiful, it’s also a technological breakthrough: Crafted from a single sleek piece of injected ceramic, it does away with the stainless steel core that was required for previous ceramic designs. The result? Extreme comfort, extreme durability and extreme beauty.
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