Art Expo New York | To me, art is a language: Rajiv Popley

 (Clockwise from top left) Rajiv Popley; Singing Bird series; and My World in a Cup

WRITTEN BY Deepali Singh Updated: Apr 21, 2018, 07:05 AM IST

The ongoing ArtExpo in New York sees a collection of 15 beautiful oil on canvas artworks as a tribute to Salvador Dali. Jeweller Rajiv Popley has made his international debut with two series paying a tribute to the celebrated Spanish artist. The first are — My World in a Cup — shows everyday life around a cup of coffee or tea. Singing Birds, the second one, is a rhetorical creation of art, defining a song in every creation of nature. “Going global was my way around from the very beginning, as I am not one to be confined to a particular city or country to display my art. ArtExpo New York has a Solo section for independent, emerging artists sans affiliation, to showcase their work, should they qualify. I am privileged to be part of this international collection of artists across genres,” says Rajiv, on his decision to participate in this exhibition. A chat with the artiste…

How has your background of jewellery design helped in your thinking and ideas as an artist?

As a jeweller, I have been into designing, fabrication and product development for the past 25 years. Inspiring and acknowledging design creativity aspects are key to our jewellery culture. Hence, the flair grew within, with the inheritance.

How has the Spanish artist and his work influenced you?

I found my art had the same surrealism as that of Salvador Dali. Having learnt more about Dali, I realised that I had a similar language to speak with my work.

This is your debut at the ArtExpo in New York. What do you hope to achieve from the international exposure to your works? Are you nervous or excited about the response there?

I am excited and wish to learn more from the international exposure that I will get from participating there. Art to me is a language and I am sure someone will understand it when I speak in New York.

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