Accessories for the desi woman

An outfit is never complete unless it is paired perfectly with accessories to doll you up to precision. Hindu tradition claimed the ‘solah sringar’ decades before we understood its essence in giving you that ethereal glow. But in an exhaustive collection of an array of choices, how do you decide what’s best for you? We’ve put together a list of the finest accessories to level up your outfit and stand out of the crowd-

  • Hair accessories

Adorn your luscious locks with the customary garland of flowers, fondly known as the gajra, or dress it up with a fancy maang-tika, glittery hairpins pins and string-lets of semi-precious gemstones. Dressing your hair quite often becomes the most forgotten element while completing your ensemble.  

  • Nose pins

Haven’t we all tired on a little adornment for our nose, but shied away from it the same. Experimenting with glamorous silver nose pins, ornamental naths or simply clip on studs adds the oomph to your outfit with a subtlety that’s easy to forget but hard to miss.

  • Waistbands

Gone are the days when heavy gold waistbands were symbolic only to south Indian weddings. Team up your gown or you dainty chiffon saree with a sleek waistband to accentuate your waist and highlight your dress in a way that isolates you from the crowd.

  • Rings

Chunky statement rings or elegant solitaires, the choice remains unparalleled. With the incoming of a multitude of mid-rings, the choices and combinations to mix and match are up to your personality quirks.

  • Anklets

Why just adorn your feet with shoes, when you can add a little trinket to it? Payals have been worn by royal Indian women dating back to the farthest histories, today, woman find single anklets, sleek payals or heavy wedding adornments to accessorise their feet while stepping into the new journeys of life.

Accentuate your outfit with these little statement pieces but remember there is a fine line between doing it right and rightly overdoing it!

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