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Garner Bears made shipping policy for their customers to believe them that there products will be placed to them within few days
  • Free Shipping Is Valid Only When Free Shipping Offer Is Available Otherwise It Will Be Chargeable 
  • Shipping Charges shall be non-refundable
  • Your product will be dispatched to you within 2-21 working days or as mentioned, Delivery of the same will be maximum of 10 days in India post dispatch & 21 days post dispatch overseas. If we are not able to dispatch your order in given time, then given money of same order will be refunded without any deduction within next 30 days.
  • Shipping Channel Partners FEDEX, Speedpost, Pawan Courier, Malca or BVC.
  • You can track your order on our channel partners website. Tracking ID will be provided by us.


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Program Terms

Protected SEM Bidding Keywords- Bidding on trademark keywords (i.e www.GarnerBears.com, GarnerBears.com, GarnerBears com, GarnerBearscom, GarnerBears) or any variations, adaptations or misspellings is prohibited. Affiliates must negative match all GarnerBears.com TM keywords in search campaigns. This includes any trademarked keyword in combination with any other words or symbols. Bidding on “GarnerBears Coupon(s)” or any match type TM+ variations is prohibited.

Direct linking - Prohibited – All direct linking and forced redirects to GarnerBears are prohibited when performing search engine marketing. Affiliates must direct traffic to their own landing page from within paid search. Link cloaking is prohibited. Affiliates that fail to provide accurate referring domains upon request from GarnerBears will be subject to commission reversal and removal from the GarnerBears affiliate network

Prohibited SEM Display URL Content -/GarnerBears, /GarnerBears.com, /GarnerBearscom and variations thereof

Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content - www.GarnerBears.com, GarnerBears.com, GarnerBears com, GarnerBearscom, GarnerBears) or any variations, adaptations or misspellings is prohibited

Prohibited Web Site Content - All websites containing the following will be restricted from GarnerBears.com promotions: hate/violent/sexually explicit/offensive content, unavailable or under construction, Promote excessive drinking and/or drug use, aesthetically unpleasing, Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age, Promotes violence or illegal activities. All websites will be reviewed by affiliate manager. If a publisher feels their application was denied unfairly, please contact the affiliate manager via email.

Email Campaigns are permitted so long as the emails comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Coupons and Promotional Codes - Publishers may only use coupons or promotional codes that are provided through the affiliate program and available on the affiliate platform. Designated coupon code must be applied at checkout to for publisher to receive credit for sale.

Unauthorized Software - Toolbars or plug-in based software which use redirects (automatic or manual) to enable cookies are strictly prohibited. Publishers with this software will need capability to allow GarnerBears.com to opt out of software.

Auto-Redirect URLs - Typo-squatting on GarnerBears.com brand URL is strictly prohibited

For the Affiliate Program Commission Margins @ GarnerBears.com refer to the following link: