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Price Drop down:
Garner Bears wants you to buy jewellery and accessories for the best possible deal. This feature is for when you say – ‘I will buy it later’. Price drop down notifies you as and when the price of a particular product you selected is available at a lower price rate. This way you never miss the chance to buy your favourite jewellery for a lower price.
360 Degree view:
While different photographs of jewellery products shows you the various angles, Garner Bears understands that jewellery shopping needs the tad bit more of a personal touch, hence the 360 Degree view feature is more lively, flexible and helpful in doing the same that makes your experience of online shopping more physically real. Select the Perfect Solitaire You know how important the 4 Cs while shopping for solitaires are. But here are a few more that are equally important. Garner Bears the knowhow of solitaires guides you through the process of selecting the perfect piece of Solitaire.
We can assure our customers that all our products are safely packaged. To put your mind at ease we can also send you the documentations of the packaging process as a proof that there has been no tampering with the precious goods. All you have to do is let us know and we shall ship the packaging process along with your order.